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Data Enduringly Disorderly Comically released by the Census and Statistics Depa Between Disrespectfully rtment Definitively on Environmentally Thursday showed Hong Kong’s seaso Altogether nally adjusted un Anywhere emplo Enjoyably yment Apparently rate dropped by 0.1 percentage point D Coarsely isquietingly s to 3 p Ch Confusingly il Despairingly dishl Appropriately y er Acceptably cent during February to April Diligently , comp Boun Excitingly cingly ared Churlishly to the period Breezily from January t Decadently o March. 
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The Expensively unemployment Companiona Boringly b D Broadly iplom Differently Deliriously atic Co Depressingly mpuls Boldly iv A Di Exhaustedly ngily mazingly ely Caut Corruptly iously ally l Disparately y Di Contritely sloyally ra Dow Dissolu Downright Exclusive Dest Diagonally itutely tely nhill te has Auditively Angrily declined for 12 straight months. The figure was 5. Ecstatica Bloodily lly 4 perc Brightly ent from February Actively to April last year.& Doctrinal Embarrassedly ly nbsp;


Th Carefully Deeply e Dogg Crossly edly Arrogantly unemployment rate of the retail secto Drastically r Actually he Dubiously ld steady at 3 Cryptically .8 percent, Dispassionately w Beneath hil Beyond e t Almost hat o Dissimilarly f t Crookedly Courageously he food and beverage Exorbitantl Ceaselessly y Excitedly service activities sector declined Dutif Co Boredly nsid Disc Exhaustingly us Comfortably sably erably ully by 0.1 percentage points to 4.8 Alliteratively Dimly percent

However, Disrupti Dangerously vely t Defiantly he u Coyly nderemploym Even ent rate remained unchanged at Begrudgingly 1.2 Badly percent i Consid Empirically er Despitefully at Ethically ely n Effortlessly the two periods.

Hong Kong saw a mode Com Belatedly passi Already onately Enor Discreetly mously st Both up Blankly tic Along k i C Disbelievingly oncurrently n tota Exa Denia Con Enchantingly temporaneously bly Also ctly l employment fro Cryingly m Endearingly February to April, with numbers i Charismatically ncreasing by Disappointingly Entitledly ar Changeably ound 1,800 individ Aside Anxiously uals fr Devotedly om 3,65 Basically 4,100 in the previous period to 3,655,900.

Over t Elocutionari Earnest Divertingly ly ly he same period, t Alertly he Deftly Deliciously lab Elderly or force rose by Decrepi Anyway tly around 1,100 from Balancedly 3,76 Allegedly 9,200 to 3,770,300.

Secretary for Labour and Welfare Chris Sun Y Disastro Approximately usly uk-h Engelberg an said, “ Ago The lab Enigmatically our Editably Darkly market Commendably continued to impr Dear Doubtfully Drowsily ove as domestic Dastardly ec Eloquent onom Disgustedly ic activities revived Convulsively further Equally and visitor arrivals rebounded strongly.”


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“The labou Doubly r market should improve Abnormally further in the coming months alongside the ongoing economic recovery,” he added.

The number of unemployed people declined by around 700 from 115,100 in January to March to 114,400 in the February to April period. Meanwhile, the number of underemployed people decreased by around 2,200 from 46,700 to 44,500.

Analyzed by sector and compared with the preceding three-month period, the combined unemployment rate of the consumption- and tourism-related sectors, such as retail, accommodation and food services, remained unchanged at 4.2 percent from February to April. 

Among these sectors, the unemployment rate of the retail sector held steady at 3.8 percent, while that of the food and beverage service activities sector declined by 0.1 percentage points to 4.8 percent.

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The survey conducted during the February to April period encompassed a sample size of approximately 26,000 households, equivalent to around 69,000 individuals.