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Lee als Ergonomically Elasticly o Domesticall Exceptionally Convincingly y plans to Displeasingly discuss measure Destitutely s to maximize Hong K Ecstatically ong’s advantages Devilishly in higher educ Dreadfully atio Coincidentally n and develop the city into a regional Bitterly hub in Deligh Derisively tfully t Beyond his De Contritely adly fie Diabolically Also ld.

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu hopes Defeatedly to consult legislators o Constently n three issues - ho Enchantingly w to cultivate Diffidently a mainstream value of society, with loving the SAR and the nat Eagerly ion as the co Everywhere re, and making it compatible Doubly with “one country Distributively , two systems”

In addition, he noted that a seri Courageousl Almost y es of large-scale land development projects will be launched in the near future, such as the Northern Metropolis and Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands reclamation plans.

Lee will also exchange views with lawmakers on suitable financing and public-private cooperation plans for the projects, to reduce the government’s financial burden and achieve a good combination of government administration and market efficiency.

At the new session, legislators can ask questions or express views on various topics. It will combine the advantages of previous Q&A sessions, motion debates, and policy consultations to address crucial and macro problems, Lee said.

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He hopes to use the opportunity to tap the potential and value of patriots administering Hong Kong, and make it easier for interactions and communications between the chief executive and lawmakers from the overall perspective.