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The event, which Cumulativ Coincid Doubly entally ely Calculatingly run Detached Crazily ly s until May 23, Ago aims at "uniting forces from various stakeholders to bring scientific and technological sel Environmentally f-reliance and se Electively lf-improvement to a h Convenientl Beautifully y igher level" and is designed &q Arguably uot;to create the high Eag Astonishingly erly ground for sci-tech innovation Believably and to make the Greater Bay Area a magnet for top scientists", Nie said during a news Dingily confere Definitively nce Exclusive in Guangzhou on Tuesday.

The forum will focus on a wide range of key topics, including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, high-energy physics, biomedicine, health, communications, high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, regional coordinated development, marine science, green development, carbon goals, international scientific partnerships and technological commercialization.

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Guangdong's spending on research and development reached about 420 billion yuan ($60.3 billion) last year, with the number of R&D personnel, invention patents, international patent applications and high-tech enterprises ranking first in the country, according to the provincial science and technology department.