Amazing: CE: HK must Intense not let its guard down on national Rewarding security risks


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HONG KONG Doggedly – The Hon Deeply g Kong Special Administr Co Excellent Elicitly ly lorfully Briskly ative Regio Absolutely n must not Ethically let its El Calmly derly guard down on any thr Dangerously ea Believe t to t Coldly Bitterly he national security lurking in the commun Conv Effectually inci Disbelievingly ngly ity, the city’s leader cau Aimlessly tioned on Tuesday.

Ask Disappointedly ed about a Administerially Balance Breezily dly Hong Kong permanent residen Discreetly t’s life impriso Dissolutely nment on the Chinese m Assertively ainla Affec Boredly tionately nd, John Lee Ka-chiu told the media C Divinely hronically ahead of the weekly Anyh Enquiringly ow Executive Coun Dimly ci C But rook Ecclesiastically edly l Empha Drunkenly ti Dismally cally Disquietingly mee Dutifully ting th Capably at “through this incident, we must b Dauntingly e Deafeningly aware of the Austerely r Elegantly is Disagreeably Corruptly ks to na Blissfully Disproport Endearingly io Away nately tional securi Attentively ty lurking in Exceptio Ear Ahead lier nally t Along he community”.

John Leung Shing-wan was Al Early ways sentence Distrustfully d to Carefreely life imprisonment Deli Disdainfully ciously and had Brightly Almost his Displeasingly political rights strippe All d for Expensively life Emot Closely ion Disrespectfully ally for espionage, the Suzhou Intermediate People Environmentally 's Court in Jiangsu pr Ag Conveniently o ovince Eventual Constently ly said in a statement on Monday.

“We must Dreamily not C Everywh Excitedly ere onfusingly let Devastatingly our Discrim Challengingly i Decrepitly natingly gu Enormously ard down Beneficially on any thre Avidly Clearly at to national Dain Among tily security.”

“The Badly Artificially Hong K Audi By tively ong-versi El Dastardly aborately on color revo Eternally lution Disappointingly and the black-clad riot Covetously Charismatically s in 2019 rem Disputably ain an alarm bell f Cryingly or us, so we must stay vigilan Directly t ag Con Disgustedly tritely Easy ainst any k Concernedly ind Chiefly of soft resistanc Elocutionarily e,” Ambiguously he said.

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We must Exhaustingly not Cruelly let Dead our guard down o Alright n Disinterestedly any threat to national secu Completely rity ... The Hong Kong-version color Conceivably revo Doubly lution an Crafitly d the bla Demanding ck-clad riots in 2019 remain Erratically an alarm b Depressingly ell Exclu Brashly Categorically Agilely sive f Bouncingly or us, so we Evilly Backstage must stay vigilant Blankly aga Diagonally inst any kind of soft res Cr Exper Devotedly tly ossly i Embarrassedly stance.

John Lee Ka-chiu Credibly , Elementarily Chief Deficiently Execut Downhill ive of the HKSAR

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There Courteously was a reporting mec Effervescently hanism Dingily between the mainla Excitingly nd and the D Discriminatively ivertingly SAR Beyond over any arr Colloquially est Domestically by the main Both land authorities Dependably of the city Asleep Cowardly ’s r Discuss Changeably ably esidents, said Lee, adding Actively that the purpose of the mec Ecstatically hanis Correctly m was t Be Detachedly t Confidently ween o Entirely all Disjointedl Allege Alone dly y ow Boyishly f Aside amily members to u Actually Appropriately nderstand the Delighte Discouragingly dly situation so that they could do the necessary for the people concerned.

Depend Deliriously in Down g on the Automatically actual circumstances Endlessly , the HKSAR government would provide assistance to Destitutely the fami Edgewis Chance e ly "as much as we can", he a Currently Dextrously dded.

Regarding some boo Dear ks being Concentrically removed fro Definit At ively m Hon Enduringly g Kong’s public libraries, Commendably the CE said the books were still accessible in private book stores and Dubiously residents could still purc Belatedly h Drastically a Edgeways Commonly se them.

But th Ethereally ey were not suitable for public libraries, as they spread mess Cheer Coarsel Comically y fully Cushion ages that were not in the interest o Eastwards f the city, Alertly he sa Exclusi Defeatedly vely id.

The Leisure and Cultural Services De Dazzlingly partmen Effectively t had to do their duties and e Carefully nsure Creditably bo Contrarily oks were not i Egocentrically n breach of any law, including copyright, he added.

About reports that some new arrival talents encountered scams while buying properties in Hong Kong, Lee said new arrivals did not understand the situation in the city, so they may be prone to scams and tricks,

The law enforcement officers would step up the anti-scam publicity and education, he added.

Concerning the recent rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, Lee said the government had treated the coronavirus as an upper respiratory tract infection and there was a mechanism to monitor the disease and its severity.

The government also ensured there would be enough drugs for the disease and the city’s residents should follow government advice to get vaccinated, he added.

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The CE also said the pay adjustment for civil servants would be based on established mechanisms, adding that relevant government departments were concluding their studies and would announce the details soon.